Raleigh Street Bakery | Appreciation
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Thank You From Raleigh Street Bakery

To my family, thank you for teaching me that all good things in life start in the kitchen. Your love and support has guided me to this wonderful moment in my life. Thank you for loving me, believing in me, inspiring me and motivating me. You are the heart of my naturally leavened starter…and I mean that lovingly.


To Kay and Morton, who really got the ball rolling, shovels digging and cement pouring. Without you, there would be no Raleigh Street.


To Holly and Laura, the Raleigh Street nucleus. This crazy idea was born and nurtured over many conversations and many more beers on your patio. Thank you for helping me realize this crazy dream can become our even crazier reality. Thank you for giving me the tools (literally!) to get the job done, and the motivation to keep doing it.


To Chris and Heather, the most dynamic of a duo, so much of this would not exist without you. I could fill volumes with appreciations for your friendship, your beer and your beer, but instead I will encourage everyone to take a moment to admire Raleigh Street’s incredible logo and website, then click here (designbycr.com) and introduce yourself to Chris Rowe. Contact him for all of your branding and design needs…hands down, the best.


To Matthew and Mamata, you cannot put a dollar sign on deep and genuine friendship, but this one is worth $6…Raleigh Street’s first $6. From shoveling to cement pouring, wood chopping to wood fired pizza making, you two have been there every step of the way and I am forever indebted to your kindness…because the $6 is framed and you are not getting it back.


To Candice and Scott, where would I be with you? I would be without a table. And that is a terrible place to be. Thank you for being the weld that holds Raleigh Street together (oh, and for all of your welding needs check out Voltage (link)!)


To Peter and Amy, for spreading the love and helping to put Raleigh Street on the map. You are the face to my book.


To Joe and Jamie, the best neighbors anyone could ask for. The story about how Joe saved the day never gets old…stop by and hear it some time.


To Daniel and Lina, thank you for lending your free time and muscles. Unlimited pizza for your entire family!


Lisa and Cris, founders and brilliance behind Oh Snap! Productions – You captured the heart and soul of Raleigh Street Bakery and helped introduce my bakery to the world. Your talents are unmatched and I am grateful for all that you do.


And to my community, to those of you I have met and those of you I have yet to meet. Thank you for becoming a part of the journey. I promise to “lift while I climb” and do my part to make north Denver better every day.


Who wants some bread?